First load of concrete poured for Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project auxiliary spillway control structure

2012.5.25_Folsom_JFPAfter nearly 4 years of excavation work, the first load of concrete for the new auxiliary spillway control structure at Folsom Dam was poured today. The control structure will be 146 feet high and contain six steel gates, each 23 feet wide and 34 feet tall. The gates will be 50 feet lower than the spillway gates in the existing dam. This will allow dam operators to release water for flood control storage earlier. The project, a collaboration among the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the State of California and the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency, began in 2007 and is expected to be completed in 2017. When complete, the $1 billion project will serve as the cornerstone in providing a minimum 200-year level of flood protection to the Sacramento region.

(Sacramento Bee, KCRA 3)

SAFCA Board Members tour Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project

2012.5.11_Folsom_JFPSAFCA staff along with Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials led a second tour of construction on the new spillway at Folsom Dam. Participating on the tour of the new facility as well as a look inside the 57 year old dam were SAFCA board members Roberta MacGlashan, Jeff Smith, James Gallagher and Brian Holloway. Also in attendance was Sacramento City Manager John Shirey.

Attending the first tour of the facility on April 3, 2012 were SAFCA Vice Chair Phil Serna and Board member Susan Peters. Work to make dam safety improvements coupled with the new spillway installation and a look at the Mormon Island Auxiliary Dam improvements helped Board members understand how our local assessment dollars are being spent in conjunction with state and federal monies. Improvements are helping Sacramento to attain minimum 200 year flood protection levels.

folsomtour“During my recent tour of the Folsom Dam Joint Federal Project, I found it impressive to see the amount of progress that has been made on the project. The project at Folsom dam is the linchpin to Sacramento’s climb toward a 200-year level flood protection, a goal I’ve personally supported as a Metro Chamber Board member and throughout my years on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. I commend our federal partners, the Corps and Reclamation, on their dedication and efforts to expedite the project,” said Supervisor Susan Peters.